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Things are different, but you still need movement

Sitka Studio

Yoga, Mindfulness, Health & Wellness Events

A brand new studio with space for distancing with limited numbers allowed in-studio and live-streaming available.

We offer many amazing workshops and other special classes on a periodic basis. You can view and register for our upcoming workshops below or keep informed of any upcoming events and courses by liking our Facebook page or by signing up for our Newsletter.

There are no Workshops currently scheduled. Please stay tuned for the following Workshops:

Yoga for Chronic Pain

This program is designed specifically for individuals with chronic pain and their support persons. This progressive program focuses on gentle postures, as well as breathing and relaxation techniques customized to each individual’s abilities and particular challenges. Benefits include improved strength and flexibility, body awareness, increased energy and vitality, and improved overall quality of life.

Yoga for Caregivers

Maybe you’re tired of hearing, “Make sure you take care of yourself too” or maybe you just don’t know exactly what that looks like yet. Whether you’re looking after the needs of an aging parent, a loved one going through cancer, or a child struggling from a mental illness, the list can go on and on… there is one commonality – Caregivers give a lot of themselves, and often their tank runs empty at some point. This course specializes in equipping Caregivers with tools and a comprehensive strategy to avoid burnout so that they can continue to be a rock for their loved ones. Being a Caregiver is an honourable role that can be so heartwarming, as long as your own needs are being tended to as well; however, this is often easier said than done. We will focus on Relieving anxiety, tension, and doubt Connecting with your own body’s needs (mental, physical and emotional) finding that inner source of empowerment. Experiencing compassion in a new light. Please bring a notebook, pen, yoga mat, and an open mind.