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Sue Pearson ( 500 hr certificate, Laughter Yoga Certification)

Sue’s approach to yoga is this: we are not using yoga to get our body into poses, we are instead using yoga poses to get into our bodies. Building a strong mind-body practice where you are the Master of what works best for you, means that Sue likes to offer options, so all kinds of folk with diverse bodies can find yoga both friendly, accessible and helpful. In addition to teaching yoga, meditation and pranayama, Sue does energy healing work and is an internationally certified Professional Life Coach (PCC).


Mavis Aubichon has loved living in the Comox Valley most of her life, and only over the last decade has she learned her love for yoga, inspiring her to obtain a certification through the Integrative Yoga Therapy from Island Vista Yoga in Nanaimo, BC. It was during this training she heard about Somatic yoga which motivated her to earn the Level 1 certificate. 

She has also informed her yoga learning by taking the 20-hour foundational training in Trauma Sensitive Yoga. Mavis is a mom and a playful gardener; she enjoys bearing witness to the growth of life through both, and through the beauty of yoga.


Weight-loss Coach 


I do what I do because of my own journey towards Balanced Being discovering my true nature. I worked my way through pain, emptiness, and sadness to a place of awareness and growth. I now live a more balanced, centered life. I have learned to navigate the highs and lows of life, resting in my true nature. We are human beings, not doings.

I specialize in working with many realms of health and healing. Physical, emotional, spiritual, past and present energies, and ancestral energies. I guide the client into discovering their true nature, not the condition programmed self. Meditation and mindfulness are some of the best personal tools for increasing awareness and reclaiming calm.

I have taken many meditation courses over the years, from places such as Yoshodra Ashram, our own local Tibetan monk Geshe YongDong, Center for spiritual living, Heart math, Thomas Hubel Conscious living meditation. I have studied mindful based practice through Hakomi teachings. I have also

participated in many different yogic teachings.

I live in the beautiful Comox Valley with my husband, Chris. I am the proud mother of two amazing young adults who continue to teach me so much about life. One of my greatest pleasures is learning from nature. I love watching the trees swaying with laughter in the wind, or sitting in stillness learning about life from the birds and bugs.


As a specialist in Functional Movement & Performance Training in the private sector, Kennedy Kinghorn offers an innovative approach to functional, integrated training. Services includes: exercise instruction for injury reduction/rehabilitation, proper functional strength training, energy system conditioning, & hands-on bodywork. Clients are closely supervised with attention always being paid to proper technique and safety. 

Kennedy’s athletes include: 

mountaineers, climbers, swimmers, cyclists, runners, kayakers, skiers, triathletes, hikers, hockey players, etc.   


Corrective Bodyworker

Certified Personal Trainer

Health & Fitness Specialist

Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist

For the more clinical site:

Kennedy Kinghorn, Vancouver Island’s ONLY Corrective Holistic Kinesiologist. Providing excellent strength, conditioning & rehabilitation services to the Comox Valley. Clients are closely supervised with attention always being paid to proper technique and safety. 

25+ years experience in: 

  • Pre habilitation & rehabilitation therapy,
  • Pain management through movement,
  • Increasing mobility with clients,
  • Balance training,
  • Scientific core strength & conditioning 
  • Functional strength training


Wendy has trained in and offers teachings in Kundalini Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Somatic Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Gong sound healing and Numa Somatic Breathwork.

Wendy has also studied Healing Touch, Taoist Tai Chi, and has her Reiki level 1 & 2.

Wendy loves teaching and helping students experience yoga and breathwork so they can feel more present, open, flexible, stronger, release tension, past traumas and connect to their true essence.

Wendy creates a fun and safe space so that her students can feel secure and grow. She encourages her students to connect to their breath and mindful movements, to really feel the energy these practices create.

As a multi-passionate explorer Wendy loves living in the Comox Valley, where she loves to camp, seek out secret swimming spots, paddle board, hike, play, and connect deeply with nature and her community. 


Andrew Matthews hales from the great white north of Yellowknife, NWT. Andrew originally found yoga as a means of balancing the fire from his passion and career as a freestyle snowboarding athlete. Since then, Andrew has found a new flavour of passion in yoga, wellness and community. He is a curious student of life and honoured to have the opportunity to share a little bit of wisdom picked up along the way from amazing teachers. In addition to yoga, Andrew is also a Reiki Master, Breathwork Facilitator, and is currently studying Qi Gong. Andrew is currently inspired to learn, and share, the modalities that have made a huge difference in his life.


Mel is a lover of music and movement who loves working with social misfits and cultural rebels seeking a radical new approach to living.

A childhood accident affected Mel’s body in ways that would lead to chronic pain and a life long quest for physical ease and mobility that has included Laban Dance, Alexander Technique, Hatha Yoga, Sufi Dancing, Rolfing, Structural Integration and more. But it wasn’t until beginning a practice of somatic movement that Mel found true relief from years of discomfort and found a way to access full-body freedom.

 A relationship coach for six years, professional bodyworker for a decade, and with over twenty years of experience in teaching, coaching and facilitating, Mel is dedicated to supporting humans into a more loving relationship with their own bodies and beings. Mel can also be found on the dance floor as a facilitator and DJ for Dance Temple Comox Valley.

They are grateful to live, love, and dance on the traditional unceded territories of the K’omoks First Nation.