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A brand new studio with space for distancing.

Limited numbers allowed in-studio and live-streaming options available.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga classes are relaxing and slow-paced, with postures that are held for long periods of time. Props are often used in order to allow the body to be in the most comfortable, supported position possible. This includes the use of bolsters, blankets, blocks and belts. Gentle music is often played, and the practice may be combined with guided meditation. The poses are often selected to address specific challenges. Restorative yoga is ideal for students who are injured, overstressed, or ill and want to regain their quality of life.

This class is geared for beginners and seasoned yogis alike.

Soma Nidra Yoga

Relax and Renew your body, mind and spirit with this class involving a blending of gentle somatic movements, focused breathwork with some restorative postures, ending with yoga nidra (guided relaxation – waking sleep). This class will nourish your nervous system and replenish stores of energy to support you in your life. This is an excellent practice for those experiencing symptoms of pain and anxiety. Somayoga Nidra has been used to help those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, stress, a busy mind and difficulty sleeping.
This class is offered on the floor and is suited for those who can practice on a mat.

This class is geared for beginners and seasoned yogis alike.

Hatha Yoga


Introduction to Meditation

This class is a great way to be introduced to meditation. Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, improve sleep, increase energy, clear thinking, improved memory and concentration enhanced creativity and deeper sense of meaning or connection to spirit. You will explore a variety of meditation styles (including for example, meditation using breath, sound, mantras and somatic practices) so you can find a style that suits you best. You will be introduced to a Tibetan style of meditation (created by Joseph Arpaia and Lobsang Rapgay) which offers four kinds of meditations (centering, attending, concentrating and opening) to cultivate five qualities of the mind (warmth, steadiness, flexibility, spaciousness and clarity).

This class is geared for beginners and seasoned meditators alike.

Meditation for Conscious Embodiment

This Class is a very gentle self-honouring, relaxing, self-discovery course through meditation.
This class will gently guide you into a more profound sense of relaxation and release. You learn the gift of your breath as a guide to release, relax, explore, and increase body awareness.
Meditation is a practice that helps you become aware of your thoughts, and it gives you choices of what to do with those thoughts, retraining or release, which influences your whole being. Meditation gets you out of the flight or fight response and into a place of neutrality. Meditation has many health benefits, such as increased sleep, lower heart rate, increase concentration, lowers anxiety, lengthens attention span, increased pain tolerance, or even release pain.