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Learn how we're ensuring your safety during COVID-19

Being Selfish!

So tonight I sat for four hours in the emergency department of our local hospital… With mostly a bruised pride. Because it was me; the

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When to get your annual!

Does that strike you as a strange statement?  Well, it should!  Possibly a better question would be, “why do we need annual exams”? what is

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How is your health measured?

Technology is affecting everything in our lives, including how your “health” is measured.  The information is coming to us in easier and in less and

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What is wellness?

Wellness, what is it anyway?!  What does it mean to be “well” or have “well-being”? What is this “state” we are looking for, that we

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Gadgets and your health!

In April 2017, the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE was awarded to Final Frontier Medical Devices. This award was a demonstration of how technology in the health

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