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Staying Healthy: Are you experiencing the best health you can? 

As someone who has spent a lifetime in the healthcare industry in one form or another, I am always surprised when someone is taken off guard by the diagnosis of some chronic illness. Chronic illness by its very nature is something that develops from ongoing circumstances over a period of time.

The more surprising thing is that people often attribute their illness to some familial trait or something that seemingly is “out of my control”.

Your health is not something that is out of your control.

You DO have the ability to experience a high level of health and wellness!

How do you do it?  How do you create your health?

Is it inflammation?  Is it your genes? Is it the pollution in the air, the water, the soil?  Is it the lack of nutrients in your food?  Is it preservatives?  Is it the amount you exercise?  Or maybe it’s your blood type? Is it meditation, or yoga?  Is it stress?

Many of these can have an effect on someone’s life but there are many who live very long and healthy lives experiencing most of these.  So, that’s not it.  What is it?

I personally believe that you have unknown talents that allow you to take control of your own health outcomes.

Over the next few weeks I’ll cover the steps involved in taking control of your health.

Step One: Take responsibility for your health

Self-responsibility and self-love are primary expressions of life energy. They form the foundations of health and wellness.

Self-Responsibility Means:

  • Discovering your real needs, and finding ways to meet them directly
  • Realizing that you are unique and the expert about yourself, and
  • Expressing yourself, both your ideas and feelings, in ways that effectively communicate to other people who you are, what you need, and what you know.

Self-Love Means:

  • Listening to your own heart. Treasuring your uniqueness and your inner wisdom
  • Experiencing yourself as your own best friend, and remaining faithful to yourself, especially in the rough times, and
  • Realizing your connectedness with all things.

To start, develop and strengthen your self-responsibility and self-love.  Think, “am I   able to distinguish between accepting responsibility for a problem and blaming myself for it”?

To further develop awareness about how this might be an issue for you try this exercise:

For one week, set aside 2 minutes in your day to ask yourself this question: “Today, what thoughts have I had blaming another for my experience?”

Jot down one thought. Just allow the thought to be there. Then ask, “In what way do I contribute to the situation or even create my own experience?”

Be kind to yourself in your inquiry. There may be a tendency to then blame yourself instead of the other. Get curious about these thoughts… investigate your chooses as if you were a scientist.

Wanting to learn the whole plan and to go much deeper than we will here?

Please join me at my ½ day workshop on November 3rd, 2018. 

Register at this link: The first step to creating your health!




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