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Summer Holidays!

Finally the days have come; You’ve planned for them, you’ve looked forward to them and on the last day of work before your summer holiday, you breathe a heavy sigh as if dropping a heavy burden and run newly spirited into the fun filled days of relaxation.

The days flash by, lots of smiles, giggles, new sights and maybe some old ones; all things that bring a renewed sense of being grounded and your strength restored. I’ve always found that a minimum of 10days are needed to “unplug”.  On the 10th day there seems to be a release of the final bits of stress that have been hanging on, a release of that thinking that maybe there would be an opportunity to do some work while I’m off.  Then the final days of surrender to the vacation, completely and wonderfully invigorating.

And then, they’re over too soon. Almost like hitting a wall, we are slammed back into the life we were living before we went away.  We return to the office/workplace where mail/email/voicemail have piled up and the race begins again in earnest to catch up.  It seems that those holidays have left us renewed and restored physically and, mentally.  But, ahead of us is a daunting pile of work. And now starts the readjustment to re-establishing the routine we had, the routine that got us up everyday, and spending some time with yourself, for yourself.  The routine that in fact gives to yourself so that you can be more present, and more pleasant for everyone you meet.

How long does it take you to get back into your routine?  Honestly for me, the return to my morning routine it needs to be a conscious effort.  And over the years I’ve found that sticking to some familiar routine of contemplation is valuable even when on holiday.  So, I don’t stop doing my contemplation time followed by my meditation and then my morning yoga.  It might be done at a different time but its still the first thing I do to keep my “head” in the right frame of mind.

As the summer continues on, with August here and everyone is planning for the start to a new “school” year begins.  It might be the opportune time for you to commit to yourself and commit to daily routines that develop and support you.  What are things you do to keep you engaged in establishing the right mindset.

How long does it take you to get back to your routine?

Will you wait to start again, or will you carry on doing the things that keep you enjoying the beauty and awe of life?  (loaded question I know)

What or who could be more important than YOU? (cuz without you at your best no one else is their best!)

In love and light!




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