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Defining a perfect day

Today started much like any other day…. Alarm rang at 5 am, I rose, sleepy, stumbling across the room to shut off the alarm then sat down to do my morning contemplation. (I do this every day to ensure my mind is in the best possible shape to start the day.) After the first hour though, things diverged from the norm because I had decided that a much needed day of self-care was in order, and as luck would have it I could squeeze in a meet and greet with a physician I’d been trying to connect with.  Now to be clear I didn’t have a confirmed appointment. I did have a belief that she would be a good fit with my team.

So the car was packed, picnic fixings bathing suits towels and good books and by 630 out the door to the ferry. From there everything seemed to flow.  Traffic, no problem, on the first ferry no problem, temperatures were going to be hot today; 30+. The trip was “smooth sailing” literally and soon I was enjoying the soft white sand between my toes, the smell of the ocean, the picnic snacks and the good book.

I love bodies of water, the ocean in particular the smells and feel of it, it rejuvenates me.  It is my go to, my place, the element that I feel most comforted and restored by.

The recovery was seemingly instantaneous; the ocean with its salt and minerals washes away cares and draws me in close to source once more.

Walking in the water I felt joy as I watched small fish fry scatter from my feet as I walked along.  Then there it was, displaying its perfect symmetry, and wholeness right before me on the ocean sand.  A beautiful large clam shell, the clam was gone but the open shell was laying there and picked up and adored the simple perfection. My sense of the day being a perfect day was growing.

Wiling away the day was wonderful and perfect as it was, and then the phone rang.

It was the phone call confirming the meeting I was hoping for.

45min to wait and the meeting happens.

The day turned out better than I could have expected.  The meeting turns out to the more fortuitous then could have been even imagined. (more about that in future blogs)

So I’d like to ask you a couple of questions:

How do you set yourself up for a perfect day, every day?

What is the one element (air, water, earth, fire) and in what form; that feeds you?  How do you restore your wholeness?

Do you trust the process of the day to conspire for your success?

I’d love to hear from you; tell me how you answer these questions, send me an email or comment.  Sharing how you do it might inspire someone else to try something new.



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