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Where to get “health”?

A bottle, A coach, A trainer, Cardio exercises?

Seems every day there is another way to loose weight, feel better, have more flexibility or generally create a better you!

I’d like to challenge this very normal thought just a little bit.  Why are you trying to create something better, what if what would really help is you getting to know yourself?  What are your values? What do you like to do on a date night?  What you stand for? How do you love to relax?

For a bit of change in pace, I’d like you to consider doing one thing for you today. Something not on your “to-do list” or on some “honey-do list”.  Chose to act on something that feeds you; something that nourishes you, something that you receive, something you don’t “do” to get.

  • Watch a sunset
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Enjoy a swing at the park
  • Sit back and listen to your favourite music
  • Or curl up in your favourite chair with a tea or favourite book

Your optimal health and wellbeing starts with finding out all about YOU! Finding out who you are.  This requires you to be with yourself and love what you’re doing.  Love and live the feeling of being with you and living life in the most vibrant way you know how.

For those of us who have spent so much time caring for others, it would be normal to experience some resistance to sitting and being for you.  It might even bring up some emotions that you didn’t know you were harbouring.  Just experience these and let them go.

Then repeat tomorrow, spend some time daily with yourself for yourself.  Commit to yourself – Balance your life.  When was the last time you committed to yourself?



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