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Making Health Care Easy by Bringing
Doctor’s to You

Take the stress out of medical visits with online doctor’s appointments. White Cedar is powered by cutting edge software,
which makes scheduling an appointment and registering with a Health Canada approved medical cannabis producer
quick and easy. Let our experts make the process easy and efficient for you in just 4 simple steps.
Step 1.

Describe Your

Book your appointment online through
our website, by phone, by e-mail or
by QR Code.
Step 2.

Connect With
A Practitioner

Once the doctors review your intake he or she
would be able to prescribe the medicine you need.

Step 3.

Get Your

Once our doctor has approved your prescription,
our professional medical staff will help guide
and educate you on the many benefits of
medical cannabis.

Book Your
Appointment Today!

Our trained educators will help YOU choose
the right strains and dosing for YOUR symptoms.
We are with YOU every step of the way.