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 “Thank you to the White Cedar Grow Wise team! When I first came to the clinic, I was not sleeping and I was in a lot of pain. I didn’t move much during the day because it hurt so bad. I was very depressed and didn’t like that I wasn’t getting better. Shortly after starting the medication, I started sleeping at night and then started to be able to move. Now after being on the medication for a year I’ve lost 70lbs and go hiking daily. I’m walking 11K every day now! Thank you so much! Life is great! Keep up the good work!”
V.P., Comox Valley
The White Cedar Grow Wise team are great! I have a 3-inch binder with my medical history in it. I had tried and failed on so many treatments this was really the last hope. I went to the clinic and the staff there were very supportive and knowledgeable. I was able to reduce my pain enough that I could get out walking and then exercising. My life is changed with the support of cannabis. I sleep well and have days that I’m pain-free. I still have days when I get pain (often from doing too much) but life is so much better. THANK YOU to the whole team!”
D.E., Comox Valley
“When I started coming to the clinic I had been off work for 2 years. Unable to work because of the pain, I was becoming depressed. The RA was progressing very quickly and I needed a solution because the regular treatment wasn’t helping. I came to the clinic and got the right knowledge and ongoing support to help me explore this treatment. Now 1 ½ years later, I am back at work and able to enjoy life with my grandchildren! Thank you so much, and you have my support 100%!”.
C.N., Comox Valley
“I have had problems sleeping, getting at best 1 night of sleep a week. With the help of the staff at the clinic, I am getting 6-7 hours of sleep 3 nights a week. It’s amazing what one can accomplish when you get a good night’s sleep!”
A.S., Comox Valley
“Wonderful, accommodating group, with lots of knowledge”.   
R.R., Comox Valley
I just finished my 12-week Owing You program and it has been quite the journey. With the expert guidance and support of Denise, Marianne, and Kennedy, I  have learned so much about myself. These 12 weeks have been challenging but also very rewarding. –
M.P., Victoria
My Wellness Journey is not over, it is just beginning and thanks to the AWESOME team at White Cedar, I now have the tools I need to move forward, expand, and explore the limitless possibilities of my mind, body, and soul! 
M.P., Victoria
The Owning You program has made notable and significant changes in my wife’s mood, activity level, wellness, and even her confidence. The team at White Cedar should be very proud of the program they have created, and I know that I owe them my thanks and gratitude for the difference they have made in my wife’s life, and by extension, in mine as well. 
C.P., Victoria