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Wait, what?  I get it!  You know what to do, you’ve read all the right books, shopped for the right foods, looked at supplements and purchased the passes for the community center or yoga studio.  All with the intention of doing it!  How could it be that knowledge is not power? 

Education and/or accumulating knowledge is fleeting.  Yes, that’s right.  But don’t worry, not remembering the knowledge we studied is entirely part of human nature.  For example, in just 20min after learning something new we have forgotten 42% of it.  And we forget even more (67%) within 24 hrs and a full 87% is forgotten within 30 days! 

Just think about the calculus, or biology or essays you did in school, what can you recall today… it doesn’t really matter anyway.  

“You could read a million books on jiu-jitsu, but that’s not gonna help you in a street fight” ~ Roger Gracie 

So knowledge is NOT power, everyone has access to knowledge, just open a browser.  And let’s face it, you know how to eat right, you know how to jog and exercise, how to have better relationships BUT….. do you do what you know?  You see, education doesn’t make you good at anything, it only informs you of how to be good.  You have to take that knowing, and turn the knowledge into training.  Training is the doing and practicing of what you know.  BUT, the training is still not enough!  You can’t do something once and then consider it done.  Once is not enough. Once has a rounding error of a lasting impact of “zero”.  

 Training is the doing and practicing of what you know.  AND the training is still not enough!

You have to take the education, turn it into training and then you have to keep doing the training, and turn it into a personal practice.  You have to have a practice of personal development. Developing on and honing your skills to create the health and wellness that you want. I hear you, “yeah… so I eat right and exercise. I’ve tried and still I’m not where I want to be.  My results aren’t showing.”  You are right, the difference between doing and knowing shows in the results.  Take heart though, your health and wellness is NOT static, it isn’t a one and done thing.  Your health and wellness is an ongoing, never-ending process.  It is all part of the little things you do every day.  It’s a journey.  It is an endless practice.  Your movement practices (yoga, weights, jogging), the nutrients you give your body and mind and the intentionality you live your life with.  

The difference between doing and knowing shows in your results. 

Getting started isn’t always an easy thing, and keeping going is always challenging when you lose the emotion that helped you commit in the first place.  At OWNING YOU!™, we help you get started, quickly!  Then we help you develop the skills you’ll need along the way.  We will give you the tools you need to develop skills in resilience, nutrition, & exercise. And provide you with the personal coaching to implement & master your new health & wellness. 

Want to discuss your unique plan for better health & wellness?  Book a clarity call today with Denise, our Clinic Director and see what program or programs might be best for you.

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