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De-stress with Sitka Studio this Holiday Season

Can you believe it’s December already?!  2021 is coming to a close and for a lot of us the pending holidays can bring about stress.  Most of us have had holidays where you find yourself running around doing shopping, organizing holiday dinners, getting kids or grandkids out to see holiday lights, driving in the snow and fitting in time with relatives (in-person or via video).  It can be a hard time of year to put yourself first and find self-care amongst long to-do lists, but we know how important self-care is, especially during what can be a stressful time.  

Sitka Studio is here to help support you.  All our classes are geared towards relaxation.  Calming the mind and body to help reset your nervous system and counter the stressful moments that can arise.  This December we have a few classes on offer that will leave you feeling grateful to yourself for prioritizing self-care and while you are here you can purchase a gift card for someone on your list and share a way for them to also de-stress into 2022.  Gift cards can also be purchased online through our website here

Sundays at 2pm: Sound Healing Journey with Anand 

Wednesdays at 12pm: Soma Nidra Yoga with Wendy

Thursdays at 5:45pm: Restorative Yoga with Lisa

Mondays and Fridays at 12pm: Meditation with Denise

To learn more about the above classes and to sign up click hereThe above classes can also be used with our 5 class pass, making each class a great value at $10 per class.

For the December Solstice coming up Wendy who teaches Soma Nidra yoga on Wednesdays is doing a special class.  She has put together a beautiful way to end the shortest day of the year.

Tuesday December 21st: Winter Solstice Breathwork & Gong For more information and pricing click here.  

We hope you will join us for a class this December but if you are aiming for the new year to get back in the studio with us, we have lots coming up for the start of 2022.  

Our newest instructor, Sandi will be joining us to teach Yoga Therapy and Somatics.  She specializes in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Therapies that promote Embodiment, Stress & Trauma Recovery/Prevention, Nervous System Regulation, Functional Movement/Mobility, Pain & Stress Management, Relaxation and Self – Healing. Look out for more details as her classes get added to the schedule.

Our ongoing commitment to providing you with great information means we have more free online workshops to get involved with.  Details will be posted on our Workshops & Programs page as they are released.  

A sneak peak on what we have in store….

Do It Yourself Muscle Tuning, Sunday January 9th, 10:00am – 10:45am  Activities you can do to help reduce pain and strengthen your muscles without exercise.

Hormone Reset Masterclass, Tuesday January 11th, 5:30pm – 7:00pm Nutrition/Movement/Mindset to gain control over your hormones 

Health, Wellness and Patient Access to Cannabis Therapy, Wednesday January 19th, 5:30 -6 3:0pm presented by White Cedar Wellness, Releave Therapeutic and Shoppers Drug Mart – Cannabis Division 

We hope to see you in the studio or online over the next couple of months!  

Any questions on classes or workshops please give us a call at 250-941-4999 or email to [email protected].



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