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Medical Clinic vs Cannabis Store?

There are 2 main ways to get your cannabis, through a Medical Clinic or from a local cannabis store.  Although medical cannabis from a licensed producer is made from the same plant as recreational cannabis, cannabis sativa, there are key differences to what you receive vs going to a cannabis store. 

Medical cannabis, which is prescribed by a doctor or nurse practitioner, isn’t necessarily more concentrated, or “potent”, like any other medication. It is prescribed for specific health conditions and that depends on the needs of each individual patient. And like any other medication, a cannabis prescription (called a medical document) is not for sharing with others. 

Licensed Producers manufacture cannabis products strictly for the medical market, while products purchased from a cannabis store may manufacture for both medical and recreational use.   Those licensed producers who manufacture Medical cannabis follow federal regulations, which adhere to strict quality and safety standards and rigorous testing of cannabinoid (THC and CBD) concentrations, along with testing for any pesticides, heavy metals and microbes such as mold or bacteria. 

Another benefit of purchasing medical cannabis from a licensed producer through our partners, is that your prescription may be eligible for insurance coverage or compassionate care pricing.  It is also able to be claimed on your tax returns vs what is purchased through a cannabis store.

We have access to multiple licensed producers (40+), which ensures patients have access to a variety of products to consider for their treatment.  Even the trusted household name of Shoppers Drug Mart is now a part of the medical cannabis industry as a licensed producer.  They carry a wild variety of products from various different licensed producers in their online store.   

With cannabis being a flexible treatment, patients may need to consider additional methods of application for best results.  Cannabis metabolizes differently in the body depending on how it’s being taken. What works well for one person may not work well for another and if one method of application shows no results, another may be the relief you were looking for.  With several methods of application available, along with the ability to have more than one licensed producer fulfilling your prescription, it enables our Educators with our partners Releave Therapeutics, to work with the patient on what may be best for them and their healing journey.  Our Educators are experienced in working with patients who have a variety of conditions and are well trained to know what is best to recommend in order to get relief.  The different methods of applications are; Oral- sublingual strips, oils, Inhalation- smoking and vaping (inhalers coming soon), Topical- creams, lotions, transdermal patches, Ingestion- edibles, teas, powdered cannabis, drinks.

The best practice we suggest is for patients to register with 2 different licensed producers.  This allows patients to have access to different recommended products and in case at time of purchase something is sold out, you have an alternative product through a different licensed producer.  Not all licensed producers will stock the same strains, products or offer the same pricing structures.  Our Educators are aware of how to tailor strains, methods of application, along with considering pricing, when recommending cannabis for medical use to patients. 

Rest assured when seeing a member of our team, exceptional knowledge, experience and expertise is available to you.  Reach out at anytime if you’d like to discuss your health and journey with medical cannabis. 



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