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Clinic History

Did you know our clinic has been around since 2017?  After hearing about the opportunity to be able to bring medical cannabis assessment and education to the Comox Valley, I went in search of a doctor and nurse that had either the education or the willingness to learn, and began sharing the service of White Cedar Clinic.  

That first year was a time of great learning and growing, and maybe the most important learning was that medical cannabis did provide relief for a large number of the patients.  This also brought to light that many people had lived so long with their chronic condition that they needed some support with learning how to safely get moving or interacting in their life again.  Recommendations for Yoga, Meditation and Counseling started, giving patients new understandings about what they are able to do now and work towards more in the future. 

With our services expanding we moved locations from Comox to Courtenay in 2019, taking over 368 11th Street.  We now have a bigger clinic and opened Sitka Studio; a dedicated space for Therapeutic and Restorative Yoga, Meditation and other healing modalities such as Sound healing (to read more about this new class, click here).

As we all know in 2020, things shifted for everyone and the clinic went through a transition with a change over of doctors, nurse educators and systems, but the essence of the clinic remains and in fact has improved.  Our current Doctors (Doctors Awde, Zorn, Gasiorowska, and Dubov) and Educators (Martina, Hanna, and Kayla) have so much knowledge and experience to share with our patients.  We also have access to over 50 licensed producers, one of which is Shoppers Drug Mart!  What this means for you, is we now have access to more products so that we can find the right one for your needs, at the right price and get you relief (compassionate and seniors pricing available).

We are now coming to the end of 2021 and more services are on the horizon to offer to you in 2022.  We will share our exciting announcements here and on our facebook/instagram pages.  We hope you will follow us and let us continue to support you going forward here in the Comox Valley.

Denise Ropp, Clinic Director



We see our clients as passionate, informed, and knowledgeable about their health and wellness, giving them confidence to live a whole life!