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Are you taking yourself too seriously? 

There is a huge industry out there called “Self-Help”.  Are you one of the ones chanting the positive affirmations, reading all the “right” things, daydreaming on the direction of your life?  While none of these things are bad in and of themselves, creating a better life and living a quality life require ACTION!  So are you getting out there everyday and doing something that supports the positive affirmations and, daydreaming?

Action will result in movement forward!  It will result in making mistakes too!

Inevitably, you will find there are actions that lead you closer to your goal and then there are, well… actions that make a bit of a mess of things.  The choices you make and the actions you take will produce the outcomes you’re looking for.  Consistently, taking action is key.

What do you do when you make those mistakes? The answer is simple: 1. acknowledge them, and work to correct them, 2. laugh at yourself!  Yes, laugh at yourself!

There are significant benefits to laughing.  Healthy life supporting reasons to laugh every day.  And, I’ve always found the best material I have for a good laugh is my own foibles.  My own mistakes create enough material for a good comedy act!  There are some days that the comedy is slapstick and some days its sarcasm.  And there are days where the story leads you to a real knee slapper!  Consider this, a good laugh can: reduce heart disease, it’s a natural pain killer, improves your breathing, helps you sleep better, decreases stress and definitely improves relationships! 

Never be afraid to laugh at yourself, after all you could be missing out on the joke of the century!

~ Dame Edna Everage

So, what can you laugh at today? Do you have some good knee slappers that you can carry with you for the days the materials is a little too serious? If your brave, (or maybe if you just want to share a smile) share some with us below! We all could use a good one 🙂



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