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Staying Healthy: Are you experiencing your BEST Health –  Part 2

If you remember last week we began talking about how to take responsibility for your health outcomes.  And so, did you experiment with discovering your real personal needs?  Did you journal the story your heart was telling you about how amazing you are?  Did you remain faithful to yourself or did you recognize when you weren’t being kind to yourself?  Practicing these skills is a daily task, that as you work at them, will strengthen your self love.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” ~ Buddha

Taking charge of your own life and health implies taking calculated risks. It means recognizing that you have choices, and carries with it your willingness to live with the consequences of those choices.

Step 2: Become an active participant in your health and healthcare

Whoa! I do realize that many of us are reluctant to take responsibility for our illnesses.  This is a challenging statement for many and mostly because we mistrust ourselves and turn instead to “the others who really know”. We have lost touch with our own reservoirs of knowledge and intuition, our physical body-signals (both internal and external), and our gut-level, emotional responses. The end result is a diminished personal freedom, a weakened self-concept and a power-robbed existence; a high price to pay.

In no way am I implying you should never seek the help of a doctor or a healer. To assume this is to misunderstand the concept completely. Your doctor likely has valuable experience and knowledge that you do not have, and can be a fine resource. It is up to you, to accept responsibility for your health, to assert your rights as a consumer in the medical/health industry, to ask questions, to seek other opinions, and to accept that you know yourself better than anyone else does.

Start by asking questions, and really listening for answers. And this means asking bona-fide health practitioners, the people who have the experiences (not Dr. Google).  Keep a record, and really process the information you are being presented*.

All the while, be gentle with yourself.  After all you were born to be real, not perfect!

Wanting to learn the whole plan and to go much deeper than we will here?

Please join me at my ½ day workshop on November 3rd, 2018. 

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*serious medical diagnosis need to be taken seriously and processed in as soon as possible without limiting your options



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