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How is your health measured?

Technology is affecting everything in our lives, including how your “health” is measured.  The information is coming to us in easier and in less and less invasive ways.  And from them so much information can be ascertained.

  • Fluid tests: Blood, urine & genetic tests
  • Air: Lung volume & breath tests
  • Water content/muscle content/bone mass
  • X-Ray/Ultrasound/CT/MRI/Petscan
  • Electrical waves: ECG/EEG

What results do you get? What do these numbers mean?  Aside from the obvious, you are looking at result numbers that may or may not be “normal”.  Specifically, what you are seeing is you at a moment in time.  This is a key concept.  It is only at one moment in time.  Key, because, YOU have the power to change them.

Change the way you’re sleeping (the amount and type of sleep you get is a key factor to health), change the way you eat, or the amount you move in a day, put boundaries on the external stressors in your life.  These numbers will change – your whole self will change.

I witness this everyday in my clinics, people changing one thing – committing to changing that one thing and then what appears to be miracles happen.

A disclaimer here!  This is not medical advice. If you take these tests and something is wrong seek the appropriate medical care to assist in dealing with the illness.

It is important to use all the tools available to assist with your health and wellness!  And this does mean, accessing all the traditional medical tools as well as what every complementary modality you choose along with making priorities of: sleeping well, eating well and getting out and moving!

Just as often, over my years in health and wellness care, I’ve seen people limit their healing to just one thing chemo, surgery, or cleansing to name a few.  And I’ve heard many primary healthcare providers advise their patients to “throw out those supplements”, or “don’t do that while you’re doing your treatment”.  Often adding that “those don’t do anything anyway”.  Let’s say it’s for well-meaning reasons they say this, however, we are whole beings and not just our illness so, our healing comes from many different solutions, put them all in play!  Listen to your own needs, do everything you can to create your own level of health and wellbeing!

By the way, when you put in motion all the tools you have in your health and wellbeing “toolkit”, healing happens fast!

Want to know more about the toolkit? Keep posted, there is more in future blogs.



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