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Deep Connection for Lighter Relationships

Last night I had a most joyful conversation with a friend I have not seen in person for years (8 years to be exact).  We connected through the wonderful world of messenger and chatted for over an hour about how we were moving forward on our worldly goals of changing health in the world.  We quickly covered the amount of time that had passed and remarked about how “old” we are now.  Each of us has continued to find our niche to spread the word of living your life to its fullest.  In both cases we work with folks who are using their own lives and experiences to share those same values.  Our work is centered on those folks in our communities who help/heal, coach, lead or motivate others.

We talked for an hour before we realized how much time had passed, and surprised that it had gotten so late so quickly.  It took almost another hour to finally wrap up that call but, only after talking and setting potential dates for us to run congruent events.

“Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength” ~ Betty Friedan

After our conversation, the excitement and contentment of reconnecting with a beautiful woman I love and admire, as well as the conversation and the knowledge that we are both carrying on reaching out to deliver our message and live our purpose made going to sleep a bit like floating on a cloud.  I’m sure you’ve experienced times like this too; a feeling of breathing fresh air, lightness of being and a joy that seems fill your every cell.

This is it, the experience of living a Vibrant Life!  The re-connection and the realization of connecting in our life purpose is the experience.  That might seem a little flippant and definitely cathartic but, we have enough years behind us (and ahead of us) to make the plans to carry forward this latest connection.   Also, to plan a connection for each business/mission by planning an event that will bring us together next year with a large group of people all wanting to create and share living a Vibrant Life!

Keep tuned in, we’re working on something special and I just know that those who participate will have a wonderful feeling like a deep breath of fresh air, lightness of being and joy that fills every cell!

Be vibrant!




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