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So…What is a Vibrant Life?

Vibrant: energetic, bright, and full of life or excitement (Cambridge Dictionary)
Wouldn’t it be nice to have more energy, and more life? You did once. We all start off the same. We all have breath and beating hearts. Most of us have wept, although not for the same reasons. We all have bodies….though few of our bodies work perfectly the way we always wanted them to. A vibrant life begins first with a recognition of your inner wisdom. Your inner wisdom to enjoy: Love, Joy, Energy, Growth, etc. And, you have been successful at many things in your life and although you may not always honoured that wisdom, it remains there nonetheless.

The challenge to a vibrant life comes when you first start to compare yourself to others, when you don’t listen to your own wisdom because in this way you give your personal power away. Inner wisdom definitely means going within, really honouring how YOU feel yourself and taking back your power and acknowledge what you already know about your life and health. You know what is good for you, accessing your own inner wisdom for your own well being will help to move you out of the role of
passive patient and into a partnership with a healing team.

In a classic study conducted by psychologists Ellen Langer of Harvard and Judith Rodin of Yale, elderly residents in a nursing home were given plants to care for and were encouraged to do more for themselves instead of letting the staff take over all their responsibilities. Another group of patients, of similar age and disability, received no such encouragement for self-responsibility. Within three weeks, there was significant improvement in the health and vitality levels of the first group. Eighteen months later, even more dramatic findings were revealed. The death rate in the “increased responsibility” group was half that of the other group.  This is only one example from a growing body of scientific research that supports the theory that individuals who have choices in managing and directing their own lives stay healthier, live longer, and heal faster than those who do not.

Try an exercise in discovering your inner wisdom: Sit quietly, close your eyes if you like, take a couple deep cleansing breaths. When you’re relaxed, think about a list of things that encourage your health and wellness. Once you have that list; make another list, this time focusing on things that discourage health and wellness for you.  Doing this kind of exercise in honest self-exploration reveals your needs. Practice this again and again it will gradually reveal more of your own inner wisdom. And give you the confidence to trust yourself as the expert on your own healing. In this way you can begin to shape your life in new ways that promote greater health and wellness.

TAKE THAT FIRST STEP TODAY!  Now that you are off to a good start by discovering what you already know, it is time to act on that knowledge. What is one small thing you can do right now today that will honor your inner wisdom?

Start your vibrant life today!  For more information on being part of the Vibrant Life Project email your request to [email protected]



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